13 years of Evagelismos squat | Schedule of events 21-28/6/2015 Heraklio Crete



13 years of Evagelismos squat | Schedule of events  21-28/6/2015 

9:00 | Presentation of a collection of essays and poetry, some of them
unpublished, some other published at the blog “Successful attempts”
(http://successfulattempt.blogspot.gr/) starting from October 2013 until
August 2014. This is the sixth printed edition of the collective “Street
There will be a projection of the movie “Un chien andalou” (Salvador
Dali and Luis Buñuel)
22:00 |LIVE concert with LOST BODIES and Horis Peridereo at tennis park
Organized by: Apatris newspaper

14:00 – 17:00 | Crypto party and communication security lab
The participants will experiment with various technologies: full disk
encryption (luks, TrueCrypt, FileVault),password database(KeepassX),
email encryption, chat encryption,ip anonymization (OpenVPN, Tor).
18:00 | Handmade music instruments workshop
We are going to construct musical instruments using recycled, useless
and weird materials. A 3D printer will provide us with parts for
creative combinations. Everyone is welcome to join our jamming session
either by bringing his own instruments or creating a new one on site.

Puppet theater inside an umbrella
For this imaginative game we will use: stories, colors, you, me, straws
and an umbrella!

14:00 – 16:00 | Collective game " The Trading Floor Game”
This game is designed to make participants experience:
-how trade is affected by the availability of money
-how exchange system affects individual and collective behaviors
-the inevitable result of using debt as money
-how outside control of the money supply can drain a local economy
-how money is separate from real value
-how we can use our intelligence to serve our intentions

19:00 | Public talk regarding “Zones of Defence”, by members of social
struggles across Europe, in the context of the commoning of Xenia Motel
aiming to transform the site to a free and self-managed social space,
against and beyond the public – private bipolar divide.
The talk will be hosted at Xenia motel – Karteros
Organized by: Collective for commoning the space

14:00 – 16:00 | Presentation related with migration in Germany,the
struggle against racism and immigrant detention centers.
There will be exchange of experiences about the effects of
Fortress-Europe operation in different countries.
Organized by: ASJ anarchosyndicalist youth, Göttingen Germany

19:00 | EU, organisation and perspectives of the anarchist movement into
the new conjucture.
A presentation from members of the "Assembly of Anarchist-Communists for
the class retallation against EU, Athens".
Cocktail party following
Organized by: Anarchist collective ΟΚΤΑΝΑ

14:00 – 16:00 | Reaching out to workmates and organising in the
workplace sharing experiences and techniques with SAC
syndikalisterna,(anarcho syndicalist union in Sweden since 1910)
Organized by: SAC Sweden

18:00 |Presentation about:
Migration – Fortress Europe – Borderline conditions – Left governance
with the participation of:
•Assembly of migrants and persons in solidarity (ASOEE)
•No lager Athens Ι •No lager Thessaloniki | •Musaferat Lesvos
Organized by: Three bridges campaign, Apatris newspaper, Sine Dominis
There will be a benefit bar after the presentation

22:00 | PARTY @ Tennis park

14:00 – 16:00 |Presentation about: Building a new economic system
by Fair.coop, an open global cooperative, self-organized via the
Internet and remaining outside nation-state control.

16:00 | Video projection for the 13 years of Evagelismos squat

Followed by our feast with live music

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